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Espresso Grinder Heycafe HC 600


Deskripsi Produk
Heycafe adalah perusahaan China dibawah group Hemro ( ditting , mahlkonig dan anfim )
Build quality dan kualitas burr tidak perlu diragukan lagi.

Coffee Grinder is our most veteran grinder.
It is a well-balanced grinding machine designed for heavy workloads,
serving up to 1000cups per day and more, yet designed in a modern and elegant style.
It is the best performance/price grinder in the world. Heavy Duty cast Aluminum body.
All Aluminum alloy casted dispenser, right/left hand handle.

Zero Retention on ODG models, Front improved
control for the ODG V1 (3 programmable doses,
Barista switch), On ODG models hands free porta
filter holder
• Nicer smoother design (the ability to have 2 body
colors on one grinder) while keeping the legacy of
the old successful shape
• Die casting technology where motor and body are
combined to improve heat dissipation and improve
grinder’s maintenance simplicity
• Lower noise level by improving chute design and
motor cushioning
• New designed tray and dispenser handle

Heavy duty cast aluminium body
Non-retention powder chute design (less than 0.5gr.)
Specially hardened tooling steel flat grinding discs
Micro adjustable (stepless) grinding setting plate
3 integrated counters (2 resettable) for dose counting
3 programable preset dose setting
‘Naked filter’ compatible

Operating modes:
Professional On demand:
Four Programmable:
preadjusted does (single cup/double cup/traple/jog)
2 running modes:
Flush mode, Bump mode
Setting resolution: 0.1sec.
Barista mode
Burrs diamenter (flat type): Ø64 mm.
Hopper capacity : 1500gr
Electrical Specifications:
Voltage : 230V
Frequency : 50Hz
Power : 350W
Motor Speed : 1400 RPM
Duty Cycle : 50%
Grinding capacities (Espresso setting) : 10kg/hour; 2.5-3.0 gr/sec
Dimensions :
Height : 616 mm.
Width : 210 mm.
Length : 235 mm.
Length : 345 mm.+Tray
Weight : 12.5 kg.

Ready limited stock
Garansi motor 6bulan.

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Berat 15000 g


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